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Lynn S

Very nice, Liz!! I like the title a lot. Looking forward to more posts!
Lynn S

Pat Pacheco

I saw the Kentridge exhibit and it is wonderful. I was mesmerized by this tunnel books.
Great blog. PLook forward to reading more.
Pat P.

Bea Finkel

I bet there are a lot of stories in this house. Every detail can be an important part of a story. This looks a bit like your house.

Bea Finkel

Are Grant Hwy. and Willow Rd. your work? I'm particularly fond of those.

Rosalind Nichol

Hi Liz;
Congrats on starting your blog! I particularly like living in Jersey for all the small towns in NJ -- and surrounding area. I have been blogging about them in my blog (under Roadtrips: from some time.... Cant wait to see what becomes of your project.



Thank you for your kind and interesting comments on my blog. Grant Hwy. and Willow Rd. are two boxes I made that tell the story about some houses I've lived in. I had planned to do a large series, as we moved a lot when I was a kid, and so I have a lot of different memories. Someday I'll get back to that project!

Jane Terzis

Liz, what did you think of the Kentridge show? I saw it last year at SFMOMA. Some of it blew me away, other parts were too jarring, too jumpy for me. I particularly liked his erased drawings and watching him make and unmake them.


Hi Jane,

I liked the show a lot, although I didn't like the animated films as much as I thought I would. I loved the films of the drawings be made and un-made! I took Max with me, and he really liked the show a lot. I saw another show of just prints a number of years ago at Smith College, and I think I like his prints best alone.

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